Re-Organizing Work

7/9 2017 6 pm

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With Otto Penz (sociologist), Taaniel Raudsepp / Visible Solutions (artist of the exhibition), Karin Schönpflug (economist, researcher, lecturer)

Re-organizing Work examines emancipatory perspectives on an understanding of work and on the organization of labour – from new forms of workers’ representations and organizations, up to the claim for a universal basic income and a defense of doing nothing.

Since the 1970s, a massive deregulation of labour is in process. Many workers are confronted with precarious conditions and are forced into self-exploitation. Automatization, outsourcing as well as the transfer of production to countries with lower wages add to an aggravation of employment conditions by increased competition and an endangering of waged work itself. In the context of the crisis of union or party representations and a glorification of work ideology, fights for workers’ rights need to be re-constituted and the moral necessity of work itself put into question.

Language: English
Location: Heuer am Karlsplatz

Discursive Program

What will the world of work look like tomorrow? How can one act today in order to question the conceptions of capitalism, of de-regulation as well as geographical and gender-related separations of work? How can alternatives be addressed and shaped?

Wed 21/6, 8 pm: Working the Body

Thu 22/6, 5.30 pm: Performing Labour Power

Thu 22/6, 6 pm: Rehearsing the Future

Fri 1/9, 6 pm: Ergonomic Futures

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Thu 7/9, 6 pm: Re-Organizing Work