Reappearing Things

Film program
12/3 2015 7 pm

Parallel to the exhibition Disappearing Things in Belgrade, which forms the point of departure for The Future of Memory, the film curator Goran Petrovic has compiled a selection of artists’ films that examine the possible repoliticization of art based on the appropriation of found film material. In its approach to the history of photo, video and print archives, the film programme critically questions the simplistic merging of various discourses in the post-political society and also highlights the potential of art to meet the challenges of the current political system. The confrontation with the past takes place here not in the context of simple memory, but as contemporary reflections on future fields of action. Which past do we construct through the filter of which vision of the present?

Zachary Formwalt, Through a Fine Screen, 2010, 20’30’’
Sophie Hamacher, Self Portrait, 2010, 9 ’
Sarah Vanagt, Elevage de poussière / Dust Breeding, 2013, 47’
Raed Yassin, The New Film, 2008, 12’
Phil Collins, Marxism Today, (prologue), 2010, 35’
Clemens von Wedemeyer, The Fourth Wall: Found Footage, 2008-2009, 31’
Benj Gerdes, Intelligence Failures: Minutes 39-54, 2003, 7’

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket