Residency – An die Oberfläche bringen

29/6 2022 9:30 pm
Bunker 16

Voice artist and performer Nigar Hasib and visual artist Florian Nitsch are developing a performance for Bunker 16. Nigar Hasib will measure the bunker underneath Yppenplatz, singing in Sumerian Arcadian and a self-invented language. Her performance will be broadcasted (audiovisually) to the surface of Yppenplatz. Florian Nitsch will draw over the live images from the bunker on an iPad to the singing of Nigar Hasib and simultaneously transmit them to a projection screen above the bunker entrance.

The thematic focus of the joint work is on Nigar Hasib‘s own experience of war and flight and Florian Nitsch‘s long-standing reflection on the political treatment of refugees in Vienna and Austria.

Concept & singing: Nigar Hasib

Concept & live painting: Florian Nitsch

Camera: Scharo Amin

In the context of the initiative Bunker 16 – Artist in Residencies.

A cooperation of brunnenpassage and Kunsthalle Wien