s e n s e a [r] t i o n N°1: Art.Hearing.Seeing.

5/10 2019 9 pm — 1 am

Music performance in cooperation with MUK Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna as part of the ORF Long Night of Museums.

Inspired by the artistic work as well as by the content and spatial structure of the exhibition Hysterical Mining, the musicians Eva Prosek and Simon Öggl create an interdisciplinary live music performance.

s e n s e a [r]t i o n N°¹ questions the relationship between the auditive and the visual as a multisensory format. Through the individually experienced interaction between hearing and seeing, the impulse arises for reflection on sensory perception.

Eva Prosek: idea & concept and vocals, speech & performance
Simon Öggl: sound, performance & concept
Miriam Lesch: text, dramaturgy, performance & concept
Emmy Steiner: performance

Admission with ORF Long Night of Museums Ticket