Salon Souterrain: Space Time

Discussion / Performance
14/2 2023 6 pm — 10:30 pm

Salon Souterrain is a series of quarterly events created by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe. It is first and foremost a place for trans- and multidisciplinary artistic exchange, a form of performative discourse that offers a dynamic dialogue, and contributes to the diversification of the artistic and cultural scene.

For this last part of the series Transformation by Salon Souterrain, you are cordially invited to join us at Kunsthalle Wien in the framework of the exhibition Rajkamal Kahlon: Which Side Are You On?.

Free admission.

Have you noticed that the value we assign to an object is conditional on where it is presented? A piece of clothing, depending on where it is worn, can gain or lose value. The same is true for a person’s skills; which are perceived differently depending on where they are encountered.

We can thus agree that any concrete thing can be transformed, while also remaining the same. To move allows for transformation.

It is thus a question of movement, space, and also time because there is no “here” and “now” without the past, and thinking about the future is undoubtedly linked to digesting the past.

Finally, we could give ourselves the freedom to re-think the past! No longer the traditional position that forces us to look behind us but to give it a real place, like a friend accompanying us, walking beside us, in the present. Doesn’t the past deserve a future perspective?


6 pm:
– Guided tour through the exhibition Rajkamal Kahlon. Which Side Are You On?
– Sound performance by Timor Litzenberger
Lena Frankhauser (viola) • Franz Hautzinger (trumpet)
Eight Plus One Detail, performed by Sara Lanner
Dutty Water, Plush Vessel by Jahson the Scientist with support by Alaingo

7:15 pm:
– Welcome and introduction by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe with Felix Vidensky
– Panel discussion moderated by Alexander Gaderer, with Jesus Crespo CuaresmaAnesu DzvukeJohanna Mayr-KeberHelga Schania

Participants of the Salon and the audience are more than welcome to contribute to the discussion!

Lukas König live
Lena Frankhauser (viola) • Franz Hautzinger (trumpet)
– Extract from Speech of Love: Absence – The Abandonment, performed by Hugo le BrigandLuca BonamoreDavid Ketter Alaingo Lamama Lau Lukkarila  

Short biographies of all participants and contributors are available here.

Team: Lena Fankhauser Svetlana Gazic Indra JägerBenoit Juan Lolek Lipp David Pujadas Bosch Svetlana SchwinElisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe Francois Tambwe Tim Wikkering 

Styling: Wendy Jim
Special thanks to Ocarine Bosquet Daniela FinziRajkamal KahlonMichael Stampfer
With the friendly support of Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport