Sarah Morris: Midtown / Capital

Film program
12/12 2016 7 pm

Introduction: Juliane Bischoff

Midtown, 1998
16mm / DVD, 9 min. 30 sec.
© Sarah Morris, Courtesy White Cube

Midtown (1998) was shot in New York during a single day. The film brings together sequences showing the streets of midtown Manhattan, combining the anonymity of the crowded sidewalks with the power of the buildings that frame the everyday movements of the city. Almost a catalogue of peripheral actions, which take place in every film ever made, it explores the narrative possibilities inherent in the simplest actions, and the typical activity of the street. The fragmented narrative emphasises the structure of modern life as well as creating a space in which the viewer takes an extremely active role.

Capital, 2000
16mm / DVD, 18 min. 18 sec.
© Sarah Morris, Courtesy White Cube

Sarah Morris made the film Capital in Washington during the final days of the Clinton administration. It is a record of now unimaginable access to the centers of power. Capital continues Morris’ investigation of the way we decode and therefore begin to understand the built world around us. Capital draws a complex and layered city portrait. The Mall, the White House Press Office, the World Bank, uniformed members of the Secret Service, the Presidential motorcade, the Watergate Complex, the Kennedy Center, the J. Edgar Hoover Building, The Pentagon, the daily activities of the President and an overall consideration of the city form a sequence of reflection points for a revised mapping of power, desire, urbanism and design.

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