School of Contradiction. Workshop Presentation

8/2 2020 8 pm
Burgtheater im Kasino

Workshop with Oliver Frljić, Srećko Horvat and Anna Manzano

From February 2 to 8, a one-week intensive workshop on social participation will take place at Brunnenpassage as part of the EUROPAMASCHINE project. In this workshop, the young participants (15–27 years) will explore artistic forms of expression in public spaces and present their activist efforts.

During the workshop a film will be produced and presented at the end of the laboratory on February 8th at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz as part of a discoursive event.

Free admission!

Meet and greet: Mon January 27, 6 pm at Brunnenpassage
Workshop: Sun February 2 to Sat February 8, 10 am–5pm at Brunnenpassage
Presentation: Sat February 8, 8 pm at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

Further presentations at Akademietheater, at Kunsthalle Wien and at Brunnenpassage are planned.

Languages: English, German, BKS

Registration for the workshop:

The School of Contradiction is a cooperation between Burgtheater, Brunnenpassage, Kunsthalle Wien und Burgtheaterstudio and is part of a collaborative series of events organized by the new teams running Burgtheater and Kunsthalle Wien. Three discursive formats are taking place in the framework of the project EUROPAMASCHINE (February–March 2020) at Kasino and are leading up to the exhibition … of bread, wine, cars, security and peace at Kunsthalle Wien, which will open on March 8, 2020.