Sepp Dreissinger: “und, also, aber”

Film program
18/5 2013 4:30 pm

Sepp Dreissinger produced photo portraits and interviews with Thomas Bernhard from the mid-1970s until Bernhard’s death in 1989. Since then Dreissinger has visited over sixty people who had contact with Bernhard: neighbours; farmers; family members; Gerda Maleta, his long-time friend; or people like Burgtheater actor Gert Voss, and Bernhard’s editor, Raimund Fellinger. He asked them about their impressions of, and experiences with the author. “und, also, aber” is the rough version of a film Dreissinger is still working on, and will have the title „Ich bin durch und durch glücklich. Eine Thomas-Bernhard-Umkreisung von Sepp Dreissinger“. The book, Was reden die Leute, 58 Begegnungen mit Thomas Bernhard, which is part of this portrait project, has already been published.

After the film screening the Viennese philosopher Wolfgang Pauser will have a discussion with Lucas Gehrmann.

Sepp Dreissinger, “und, also, aber”: Reden über Thomas Bernhard, 2011, 43 Min, courtesy Sepp Dreissinger.

Sepp Dreissinger (*1946) is a photographer, author, and filmmaker. He lives and works in Vienna. Among his projects, Dreissinger compiled extensive film and photographic documentations about Thomas Bernhard’s life and surroundings.