Short but Sweet with Luisa Berghammer

Artist talk
21/5 2024 6 pm

On selected Tuesday evenings, artists from the exhibition Come as You Are. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2023 and our art education team meet for a joint discussion on their artistic practice. After the 20-minute talk, there will be an opportunity to take a tour of the exhibition together.

This program is free of charge and no prior registration is needed.

The artist talk will be held in German.

Luisa Berghammer uses the institutional platform to address collective working processes; in this case, the complex collaborations involved in making the exhibited film – people would call you a faker and it hurt your feelings – and how an artist can best recognize them. The video confronts the viewer with a dizzying list of names as a broader observation by Quirin Babl, Luisa and Zorah Berghammer, and Luīze Nežberte on hypervisibility versus a lack of recognition, and the position of the artist (and their ego) in this context. Different kinds of labor, such as the intellectual and emotional, are credited equally alongside the physical and technical to question established modes of image production and how a group can best address their positions in this process. This idea becomes particularly provocative when considered within the context of Come as You Are, as a prize exhibition founded on the idea that certain graduating artists should be rewarded over others.