SKUG Soundsystem hosted by Didi Neidhart

17/5 2013 10:30 pm

A DJ set as magazine. skug is printed quarterly and published in Vienna. The magazine deals openly with many directions and focuses on historical and contemporary developments in the areas of pop to new e-music, jazz, film, and art, as well as engaging with the associated aspects of aesthetics, socio-economic, and cultural politics. As an open discursive platform, skug connects disparate standpoints and perspectives and pushes for their transformation through public discussion. Through the marrying of theoretical reflection with the immediacy of the fan/musician in one medium, skug acts both as a barometer and an active observer from the centre of (pop-) cultural phenomena.

Didi Neidhart (*1963) is a musician and DJ. He lives and works in Salzburg. Since 1985 he has written for various magazines such as Filmlogbuch, kulturrisse, kunstfehler, skug, Elend &Verbrechen and Der Standard.