Stages and Pictures

20/5 2014 7 pm

The painting of Silke Otto-Knapp examines the relationships between figures and space, as well as the image medium as a zone of stagelike illusion. In her exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, however, the ‘stage moment’ itself appears in the presentation of the paintings as well, which are deployed like graduated backdrops within a glass-dominated architecture.

Sabeth Buchmann, Professor of Modern and Post-Modern Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Vanessa Joan Müller, Head of Dramaturgy at Kunsthalle Wien, discuss key aspects of the work of Silke Otto-Knapp. They address the specific nature of painting in the interface between abstraction and figuration, as well as issues of gender, scenography and representation.

Talk in German

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket