Stanimir silazi u grad (Stanimir Descending)

Film program
13/6 2021 

Direction, screenplay: Želimir Žilnik; Cinematography: Ljubomir Bečejski; Editing: Ivanka Pravica, Vladimir Milenković; Cast: Stanimir Vračarić, Grozdana Vračarić, Spasoje Ilić, Ganimeta Jefkaj, Ramiza Braimi. YU, 1984, DCP (16mm), in color, 90 min Serbian with English subtitles

Stanimir, an ageing highlander from the village of Kremna on Tara mountain, heads for Belgrade accompanied by a ninety-three year old war veteran Spasoje. He wants to find out personally from someone in the referential office what has happened to his request for the reconstruction of his water mill that is 300 years old, which was destroyed in a storm a while ago. On their adventurous journey, the two old men wisely and calmly accept their losses. Also, many thrilling things happen to them in the suburbs of the metropolis, and their honesty proves to be their best virtue. They manage to get to the office in the city where bureaucracy is the ruler. Still, their patience and readiness to face up to life’s troubles makes them triumphant.

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