Steffen Möller: „Viva Warszawa”

25/11 2015 7 pm

The current book of the author and cabaret artist Steffen Möller Viva Warszawa – Polen für Fortgeschrittene was released in March 2015. At Kunsthalle Wien he will present his stage show also titled “Viva Warszawa”.

Steffen Möller says about the show: “It will NOT be a reading, but a photo-sightseeing tour of the allegedly ugly and arrogant Warsaw. However, as a precaution we will begin in the romantic city of Krakow to make it easier for the newcomers to Poland. Along the way, the audience will learn more than fifty Polish words that are not in the basic vocabulary, but have the advantage that they can be remembered very easily.”

Steffen Möller studied philosophy and theology in Berlin, and after enrolling in a Polish-language course in Krakow out of curiosity he moved to Warsaw in 1994. At first he was a German teacher at a Gymnasium and at a University. From 2002 to 2008, he starred in the popular telenovela M jak miłość (L for Love). At the same time he was a regular guest of the comedy show “Europe could be liked” and in 2005 he moderated the first season of the Polish edition of Wetten, dass …?. Since 2008 he has been on tour with solo programs throughout Germany and Poland. In Vienna, his most recent appearance was at the stage of the Rabenhoftheater in 2012.

Free admission

The event is already fully booked.