Tabita Rezaire: SYGYZY o Full Moon Special o

12/9 2019 9 pm — 11 pm

Collective Moon Gazing with Tabita Rezaire

Artist, digital activist and spiritual healer Tabita Rezaire and astronomer Elisabeth Guggenberger lead a collective sky-gazing during the full moon. This participatory performance is viewed as an offering; bringing people together to watch the stars and moon, to realign and harmonize the energies of their mind-body-spirits. As an agent of healing, Rezaire’s artistic practice is closely connected to the health of the soul and heart consciousness. The collective celestial action portrays her interests in astronomy, astrophysics, and spiritual sciences – prominent elements in her work on display at Karlsplatz, The Song of the Spheres (2018). (In English)

Tabita Rezaire is based in Cayenne, French Guyana, she is a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and the mother of the energy house SENEB.

Location: Kunsthalle Wien terrace at Museumsquartier

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket