Teach me something I know

6/7 2017 4 pm — 8 pm

You probably know everything we are going to teach you. How to be happy? How to be tolerant to others? How to deal with your lefty guilty feeling? How to make the perfect moccacino? But we are going to teach you any way, just as a reminder. The diverCITYLAB will spend some hours with you in the exhibition space, teaching you what you already know but maybe forgot or need to refresh.

With students of the diverCITYLAB ACADEMY: Ahmet Aggün, Duygu Arslan, Barbora Baxant, Kira Fasbender, Javid Hakim, Christina Lindauer, Onur Poyraz, Isabella Händler, Melike Yagiz

Direction: Yosi Wanunu

DiverCITYLAB takes “acting” as “reacting”. We want to create a different contemporary theater, adequate for today’s post-migrant society with new actors, new theater producers and an audience that comprises all parts of our society. We are looking for new forms of political contemporary theater of highest quality.