The exhibition as a learning space x Genossin Sonne

11/6 2024 — 30/6 2024 

Can the sun, as the central star of our solar system, be our comrade? And how does the sun determine life here on Earth? Does it perhaps have so much influence and power that it can contribute to revolutions, causing significant social and political changes? And what does revolution have to do with the cosmos? The word revolution comes from Latin and means “orbiting” or “circling” and as far back as the Middle Ages was used in astronomy to describe the rotation of the planets around the sun.

Inspired by the themes of the exhibition Genossin Sonne, Institute for Education in the Arts students developed a mediation program as part of the course ‘An exhibition as a place of learning’. Over several weeks, the students developed teaching units and tasks for pupils from the Aspern Modular Middle School. The results of the collaboration will be presented from June 11 to 30 in the gallery space at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier.

A free booklet accompanying the exhibition will be published at the beginning of July, offering impulses for creative exploration to the theme of the sun. The booklet was designed by students of the Institute for Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and in collaboration with the Academy goes to school coordination center.

With contributions by: Fiona Albrechtsberger • Assunta Abdel Azim Mohamed • Seza Enengl • Sarah Erich • Victoria C. Fahrbach • Alina Köpper • Iris Madarassy • Pamela S. Mozetic

In collaboration with the following pupils: Besir-Eymen Altintas • Amina Asanoski • Veljko Brankovic • Philipp Dorn • Alina Dornstauder • Asaf Ergan • Mila Fetter • Lana Ispanovity • Michael Kleisch • Nora Knotzinger • Ryan-Cody Koskarti • Zoe-Heaven Koskarti • Philipp Leimhofer • Sebastian Liedl • Adil Limani • Ling Aaliyah Min • Michelle Minarik • Elias Mroczkowski • Daniel Oberleitner • Leon Oberleitner • Helena Pollak • Tanja Raser • Gabriel Tatic • Jennifer York

The exhibition Genossin Sonne is a collaboration between Kunsthalle Wien, Wiener Festwochen | Freie Republik Wien, and Klimabiennale Wien and is on view at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier until September 1, 2024. As always, admission and educational programs at Kunsthalle Wien are free for pupils under the age of 19 with two accompanying teachers.