The Forked Tongue. Zin Taylor and Severin Dünser

15/12 2014 6 pm

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Artist Zin Taylor talks to curator Severin Dünser about his new sculpture Karl´s Body on top of the roof of Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz and about its relationship to Taylor’s recently opened exhibition at 21er Haus, Foto Studio Zig-Zag.

Karl’s Body is an illuminated snake, with the body of a zig-zag. Serving both as a sign and a statement, the image of the snake takes up an old dialectic relationship between the mind and the body. This dialogue is symbolized in metaphoric folklore as the eagle and the snake. The eagle is the mind, the heavens, the conceptual. The snake is the body, the earth, the physical. Taylor transfers the dialogue of mind and body, of eagle and snake to the dialogue of the two sites of Kunsthalle Wien. The sculpture for Karlsplatz points to the site’s relationship with the larger Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier, while representing the autonomy of the Karlsplatz site and its location within the city. (in English)

Free Admission