The politics of images. Leon Kahane

5/2 2015 — 6/2 2015 

Leon Kahane (*1985) studied at the Ostkreuz School of Photography Berlin and the Berlin University of the Arts. His video and photographic works address themes such as migration and political protest from a conceptual perspective that examines the complexity of visual media as a document of social reality. This seminar, conceived in collaboration with the Berlin-based artist Fabian Bechtle, deals with the political image and with the politics of images in general. Taking the idea and function of the archive as point of departure, the seminar focuses on forms of political education that can arise from use of archive material, and the Internet as the biggest image archive of all.

The seminars at Kunsthalle Wien enable an intensive engagement with contemporary art and the related themes and issues. They are created in close collaboration with artists involved in the exhibitions at Kunsthalle Wien and with other experts in the field of contemporary art. Theory and practice, analysis and independent formulation of one’s own ideas all enjoy equal status in the events, each of which runs for several days. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15. Interested persons are invited to send a CV together with a letter of motivation to

The participants will be selected on the basis of their applications.
Closing date for applications: January 29, 2015