The power of the setting sun

Guided tour
6/6 2024 7:51 pm

Every other Thursday night, starting 1 hour before sunset, you can discover the exhibition Genossin Sonne [Comrade Sun] with our art educators and discuss the contexts and backgrounds of the exhibited works.

The guided tour is free of charge and will be held in German. No registration required.

With: Carola Fuchs  Andrea Hubin • Michaela Lankes  Michael Simku • Daliah Touré  Martin Walkner

The joint exhibition of Kunsthalle Wien and Wiener Festwochen | Freie Republik Wien is dedicated to works of art and artistic theories that connect the cosmos, and especially the sun to social and political movements. In the selection of works by international artists, one focus is on the moving image as a medium of light. Yet works in other media likewise radiate hypnotic, feverish, glowing, menacing affects. The sun, broadly speaking, figures both as an abundant source of life and energy for political struggles and as a symbol of warning, its vast mass and lifespan contrasting with the brevity of human life on planet earth.

In cooperation with the Klima Biennale Wien.