The snow from Kilimanjaro. Manoeuvres of recognition in cinema

29/1 2019 7 pm

Lecture by Rainer Bellenbaum within the framework of Antarctica. An Exhibition on Alienation.

Whether in front of the mirror or in front of the moving image – there is always a moment of surprise, challenge, and construction attached to our self-perception. Why do we still find ourselves at the movies, even though its techniques to create identification and affection have long been disclosed? This is the guiding question of Rainer Bellenbaum’s lecture on moments of alienation and recognition in Antonioni’s films, as well as the inclusion of contemporary cinematographic conceptions.

Rainer Bellenbaum is a media theorist living and working between Berlin and Vienna. In addition to his work as an author for several art magazines, he has also appeared in front of and behind the camera for several artistic short film productions. Among his publications are Kinematografisches Handeln. Von den Filmavantgarden zum Ausstellungsfilm (2013) and Wörter als Türen (2016).

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket