Thomas Feuerstein: Konzeptionelle Narrationen

Film program
17/5 2013 4:45 pm

“Humans don’t only speak, they are also spoken by the language or, as one master thinker wrote, they are only superficially master of the language machine. In reality the language machine starts up and controls the essential being of humans“. The interplay of language and visual elements, the conflation of art and science, and the concerted tracking down of latent connections between fact and fiction always play a central role in Thomas Feuerstein’s work. With the self-invented art strategy of ‘conceptual narration’, Thomas Feuerstein pursues and digs up traces; they extend from Greek philosophy through physics and chemistry to computer systems.

Thomas Feuerstein (*1968) is an artist, art theorist, and author. He lives and works in Vienna and Innsbruck.