Thomas Meinecke

18/5 2013 11 pm

Thomas Meinecke – writer, musician, DJ, and radio presenter – is regarded as a pop literary figure with a weakness for postmodern theory. His unusual writing technique, which has similarities to musical sampling, joins narratives with useful facts from the social sciences, gender studies, and a thoughtful consideration on the disposition of the modern subject. Meinecke’s early work was strongly influenced by Thomas Bernhard and, as such, this is why he will be reading from the anecdotal texts published in the magazine Mode & Verzweiflung (from 1978) and later in the weekly, Die Zeit. These prose pieces are micro-format studies of contemporary life. They have an unconventional directness and unusual tempo. Like short stories about the provinces and metropolis, they describe everyday events that are symptomatic of our society. Thomas Meinecke will present his expertise in the field of minimalist techno, deep house, and bass-heavy electronic beats in a DJ set.

Thomas Meinecke (*1955) is a writer, DJ and musician in the band FSK. He lives and works close to Munich. His last novel Lookalikes, was published in 2011. In 2003 he was honoured with the Düsseldorfer Literaturpreis. In 2011/12 he lectured at Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen in Frankfurt.