Tim Jackson: After the Crisis

17/5 2013 6 pm

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Our economic system is still based on the equation “growth = prosperity = a secure standard of living”. After the global financial crisis, however, it is time for a radical revision of this materialistically oriented economics. Commissioned by the British government, the economist Tim Jackson investigated the connection between growth and prosperity and calls for nothing less than a new economic system based on a different concept of prosperity that envisages a more just distribution of goods and services. In his book Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet, which is already one of the most important publications of post-growth economics, Jackson develops specific considerations for a sustainable economy and the vision of a more just society within the existing ecological limitations.

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Tim Jackson (*1957) is an economist. He lives and works in Guilford. Since 2010 Jackson has been a professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey, and director of RESOLVE. He also directs the on-going project: the Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group. Jackson is author of the bestseller Prosperity Without Growth published in 2009.