Time Is Thirsty

29/10 2019 7 pm

Time Is Thirsty is a journey through time and space in the form of an exhibition: A complex ensemble of contemporary artworks and artefacts from the early 90s – more precisely from 1992, the founding year of the Kunsthalle Wien.

To introduce Time Is Thirsty several artists from the exhibition will take part in a jam session during the opening. Each of them will be on stage for ten minutes to improvise and engage in short talks, readings, or music performances.

With (a.o.): Nick Bastis, Cara Benedetto, Anna-Sophie Berger, Florence Bonnefous, Jason Dodge, Pierre Joseph, Fabio Quaranta, Peter Rehberg, Georgia Sagri, and Vipra

From 10 pm onwards Kunsthalle Wien will co-host a special party night at Viennale Zentrale at Kunsthalle Wien, including a live performance by Vipra and sets by DJ Vatileaks and Forever Traxx.

In cooperation with Viennale.

Free admission!