Total Automation

Film program
11/5 2016 8 pm
Metro Kinokulturhaus

​In Co-operation with Filmarchiv Austria

With the accompanying film program Total Automation the Filmarchiv Austria and Kunsthalle Wien address the promise and the consequences of total automation. A selection of films visualize the complexity and the potential of the relationships/relations between man and technology.

Machines rationalize our work and define our ways of living and communication. They influence/shape our perception of time, space and objects. At the same time technology also holds the supernatural, the magical and irrational in itself. Like cinema machines can define a different view on the world. Machines suggest the absolute domination of nature and are the most important accomplices of the great narrative of progress and growth but also of the utopia of a world where objects and man can peacefully coexist.

Human Post Human
11/5 2016, 8 pm

Sticky Drama
Jon Rafman, 2015 | 4:50 min

Fritz Lang, D 1926 | 153 min | s/w, dt. ZT, 35mm


Wed 11/5, 8 pm
Thu 12/5 & Fri 13/5, 6 pm
Film program Total Automation

Wed 11/5, 6 pm
Curators tour with Anne Faucheret and Tomáš Mikeska

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