Tour in Austrian Sign Language: No Feeling Is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection

Guided tour
14/11 2023 6 pm

As part of the initiative Vienna Art Week for all, sign language interpreter Eva Böhm and art educator Martin Walkner will guide you through the exhibition No Feeling Is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection and talk about the context and background of the exhibited works.

We kindly ask you to register in advance at or directly at the cash desk in Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier. The number of participants is limited.

The guided tour will be held in German and will be interpreted in Austrian Sign Language. Admission is free.

The comprehensive, international group exhibition No Feeling Is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection revolves around the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) Skopje’s unusual collection of modern works, as well as the historical and political context of this extraordinary project.

After the massive earthquake that hit Skopje (then Yugoslavia) in 1963, there was a huge effort to help rebuild the devastated city, as a large-scale gesture of international solidarity. The decision was made to establish a museum of contemporary art as a key cultural element of the reconstruction, and thousands of works were donated to Skopje by artists from around the world.

The collection of MoCA Skopje represents both a time capsule of international art at a moment when modernism was still in its prime and a rare artistic encounter across the Cold War divide between East and West.

For No Feeling Is Final, Kunsthalle Wien invited four artists and one artist duo – Brook Andrew (Melbourne), Yane Calovski & Hristina lvanoska (Skopje), Siniša Ilić (Belgrade), Iman lssa (Berlin), and Gülsün Karamustafa (Istanbul) – to select works from the collection and to add their own contemporary works, bringing their vision of MoCA’s collection into intimate relation with their respective artistic practices.





Tour in Austrian Sign Language