Artists’ tour with Nora Severios and Anna Spanlang

Guided tour
22/4 2022 6 pm — 7:30 pm

Nora Severios and Anna Spanlang will jointly guide you through the exhibition Handspells at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier and provide insights into their working methods. The two artists share a process-oriented, research-based approach, which manifests in the rearrangement and reinterpretation of everyday settings for Anna Spanlang, whereas Nora Severios’ work transfers ancient myths into the present.

We kindly ask you to register via or directly at the box office in Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier.

While Nora Severios explores ancient, traditional nature-based techniques and rituals in her artistic practice in an attempt to sound out and redefine the relationships between humans, plants, and animals beyond biases and exploitation, Anna Spanlang’s video works focus on the compilation of video material and the process of cutting. “Cutting is a mode to document the process I have been pursuing for a half year: sifting, discarding, assembling, re-viewing, deconstructing […] diverse video footage. My aim is to investigate the potentials of the found material and establish a new relationship of trust, so to speak, with the moving images over time […] I am fascinated by the scope in rearranging and reinterpreting everyday situations. This process is for me. Then I like to share the results.”

Nora Severios: “In my works, I focus on the diverse contexts of life and points of contact between species, for example, the relationship between wildness and taming. My aim is to create a relationship with my environment by physically and exploratively investigating my fields of interest – in its origins as well as its individual components.”

The joint tour will be followed by a screening of Anna Spanlangs CEREAL / Soy Claudia, soy Esther y soy Teresa. Soy Ingrid, soy Fabiola y soy Veleria.

Nora Severios (*1986 in Vienna) studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 2021, she completed her diploma studies in the class for art and photography supervised by Martin Guttmann, Michael Höpfner, Saskia Te Nicklin, and Sonia Leimer.

Anna Spanlang (*1988 in Grieskirchen, Austria, lives in Vienna) studied video and video installation as well as art and digital media with Dorit Margreiter and Constanze Ruhm at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as at the CENART in Mexico City. Diploma in June 2021 with Dorit Margreiter.