Trying to be at home in the world: understanding and reconciliation in complicated times

3/5 2024 4 pm — 7 pm

Exploring Art & Thought with Natascha Gruver and Andrea Hubin

We kindly ask you to register in advance at or directly at the cash desk in Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier. The number of participants is limited.

The conversation is free with an exhibition ticket and will be held in German.

What does it mean to truly understand a message, especially when it comes from a context that is remote from one’s own reality? We want to explore this question in and with the exhibition Rene Matić / Oscar Murillo. JAZZ. and thought-provoking impulses from art and philosophy. We invite you to traverse with us a thinking space of reading, sensing, speaking, moving, perceiving and connecting. Hannah Arendt puts it like this: “Understanding, as distinguished from having correct information and scientific knowledge, is a complicated process which never produces unequivocal results. It is an unending activity by which, in constant change and variation, we come to terms with and reconcile ourselves to reality, that is, try to be at home in the world.”

Natascha Gruver teaches philosophy at the University of Vienna and is working in the field of outreach and public philosophy, e.g. at Radio Orange 94.0 (Philosophische Brocken) and as part of the Socrates Project 2021/2022 of the Central European University.

Andrea Hubin is part of the art education team at Kunsthalle Wien.