Un/chronology. Practicing (Epistemic) Disobedience in Art and Curating II

Guided tour
22/12 2021 4 pm — 6 pm

Exhibition tour and conversation with Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic*, artist, researcher, writer;  Andrea Hubin, art historian, art educator and Barbara Mahlknecht, curator and art educator.

The exhibition tour begins in the exhibition of the Gemäldegalerie Hungry for Time and continues in the Kunsthalle Wien in the show by Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic*. Here and there, modes and moments of collective (epistemic) disobedience will be explored together with the participants.

Meeting point: Gemäldegalerie, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, 1st floor, 1010 Vienna Admission to both exhibitions and the event are free of charge.

The event will be held in English and German.

In order to keep you and our staff healthy, we ask you to follow the recent hygiene and safety requirements of Kunsthalle Wien.

In the Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the artist and curator trio Raqs Media Collective, Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi and Shuddhabrata Sengupta, restages the historical art collections of the Academy–the Paintings Gallery, the Graphic Collection and the Plaster Cast Collection–in dialogue with contemporary art and with the current discourse on decolonialism.

The critical re-examination through the theme of time from the perspective of hunger and desire, tells stories—about broken limbs and deformed justice, about efflorescent designs on space and time, about the hubris of trying to evade mortality, and about perspectives on how faces, landscapes, and gazes haunt a collection in an almost ghostly way.

The conversation continues at Kunsthalle Wien, where Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* shows multimedia installations that combine film, photography, objects, and text. The artist* is deeply engaged in the fabrication of history, memory, and subjectivity, for which the unconscious as well as a non-linear, “queer” understanding of time are central. The latter is articulated in the artistic practice of Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* as ‘disobedience’ that challenges the (hetero)normativity of the chronological against the grain.