Unfreeze, Collect, Weave

2/9 2023 2 pm — 5 pm

Artist workshop with Vanessa Schmidt for adults (children are very welcome)

We kindly ask you to register in advance at vermittlung@kunsthallewien.at.

Workshop fee: € 5

Together with the artist Vanessa Schmidt, we will transform various objects into frames for weaving. Found materials, such as drawings, newspaper cuttings, threads, fabrics, and textile remnants can be sewn or woven together. In this way, the history of the materials brought along flows into the weaving of the work. The workshop will result in an installation that provides space for a multi-part fabric collage that can be worked on collaboratively in two groups/dates.

Vanessa Schmidt (b. 1990, Frankfurt a. M., Germany) lives and works in Vienna. After completing a master’s in history of art, philosophy, and law at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, she studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she graduated in 2022 from Henning Bohl’s painting class. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions, including those at Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, House of Spouse (Palma de Mallorca), Belvedere 21 (Vienna), Universitätsgalerie Sala Terrena (Vienna), Zwei Zimmer and Galerie Francesca Pia (Zurich), and Czech Centre Vienna.

Vanessa Schmidt’s spatial installations display domestic settings in an abstracted, bare, and anachronistic manner. Stripped of all functionality, the settings reveal a blank slate in which care has the power to both enable escapism and allow the ideology of storytelling to unfurl. Schmidt’s work teeters between two worlds by introducing the uncanny to
intimate domestic spaces.

The displayed work in Unfreezing the Scene. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2022 forms part of the artist’s diploma installation: Beds, Scenes, and Notes. It displays staged beds – made out of found objects, metal, wood, and textiles (hand-woven, ready-mades, as well as worn scraps) – and a booklet holding musings, stories, and fairy tales.