What to do after work? Guided tour for educators with Andrea Hubin and Michael Simku

Guided tour
10/1 2023 5 pm — 7 pm

What to do after work? is a public intervention in the framework of the exhibition In the meantime, midday comes around and an open invitation to participate, speculate, or simply to listen in.

Please register via vermittlung@kunsthallewien.at.

Free admission.

How and what would we learn in a society without work? Andrea Hubin and Michael Simku, both art educators at the Kunsthalle Wien and curators of the event series What to do after work?, will present works on a tour of the exhibition that highlight strategies such as “anti-work and idleness” as well as forms of relationships and organization based on care work.

The tour will focus on pedagogical questions that arise in relation to the works on view: What educational systems would be formed if the prospect of work were not a central motivation for an individual’s educational path? Does the vision of a post-work society also give rise to its own impulses for a conception of education as a “practice of freedom” (Paulo Freire)?

In the context of this event, which is especially aimed at educators, education formats offered by Kunsthalle Wien for schools and other educational institutions will also be presented.