We don´t understand it (yet)

8/3 2015 12 pm

Exhibition talk with Martin Gasteiner (Historian and cultural scientist, Vienna)

At what moment is it possible to know what an exhibition means and what makes it meaningful? When the subject is defined during the concept phase, when the list of artists is issued, on the day after the exhibition opens? What if we were to assume that the specific of an exhibition, the things that make it worthy of discussion, are first revealed when the exhibition is complete? And moreover, that a critical or even only descriptive verdict on “how it has turned out” can only arise from a confrontation between various perspectives on what is shown? Under these conditions how can one plan in advance what one will wish to discuss in public programs accompanying the exhibition?

The series of discussions We don’t understand it (yet) – held for the first time in conjunction with the exhibition The Future of Memory – meets this challenge and invites guests and interested persons to examine a “complicated process” which may possibly “never produce unequivocal results. [Understanding] is an unending activity by which, in constant change and variation, we come to terms with and reconcile ourselves to reality, that is, try to be at home in the world.” (Hannah Arendt)

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket