Project presentation: Who May Object?

6/2 2021 7 pm

How is it possible to talk about racism, sexism, and discrimination? What does it take?
And above all – WHO is allowed to do it? And when?
Who may object?

These and other questions are addressed in a one-week workshop full of intensive discussions and filming, led by director Nina Kusturica.

Unspoken rules and privileges of the social order are explored, examined, unmasked, and deconstructed: How are stories produced and constructed – and how do they change when they are (re)told from different perspectives and in different modes of representation?

The result of this process is a film that evades all attributions, a manifesto of contradiction that calls for positive change.

Online presentation on February 6, at 7 pm
Via video stream from the Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, as part of the presentation of the Young Academy of Burgtheaterstudio
Including a YouTube chat during the presentation, followed by an audience discussion via Zoom

A cooperation between the BrunnenpassageBurgtheaterstudio and Kunsthalle Wien

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