What to do after work? Automate care work or outsource it or …?

21/3 2023 5 pm — 7 pm

What to do after work? is a public intervention in the framework of the exhibition In the meantime, midday comes around and an open invitation to participate, speculate, or simply to listen in.

Please register via vermittlung@kunsthallewien.at.

Free admission.

The What to do after work? event series takes place every two weeks, on Tuesday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

For this event we have invited artist and filmmaker Marlies Pöschl as well as designer and researcher Alexandra Fruhstorfer. In a playful discussion, they will talk about the change of nursing and care work against the backdrop of increasing automation and digitalization processes.

Marlies Pöschl‘s films take models that European societies are currently developing to respond to the “crisis of care” as their starting point. The speculations, often developed in collective processes, outline future models of care. They address the change of care work: on the one hand through automation, on the other hand through forms of migration.

In the context of What to do after work?, her artistic works are understood as an impetus to discuss a post-work future together.

Alexandra Fruhstorfer then invites to a general assembly on the whereabouts of work, where people can vote on which professions should be automated in the future. What would it mean if care work would be done by robots? How does technologization affect transnational relations of exploitation in the field? And can these transformation processes be shaped democratically?

Marlies Pöschl works as an artist, filmmaker, curator and educator. She understands filmmaking as a social practice and often collaborates with actors from outside the art world to develop polyphonic narratives and to open dramaturgies in various formats of exchange.

Alexandra Fruhstorfer works as a designer and researcher in Vienna. She uses design as an experimental tool to question prevailing political and cultural paradigms and examine them in the context of accelerating technological and ecological change.