What to do after work? Films and conversation

Film program / Talk
7/3 2023 5 pm — 7 pm

What to do after work? is a public intervention in the framework of the exhibition In the meantime, midday comes around and an open invitation to participate, speculate, or simply to listen in.

Please register via vermittlung@kunsthallewien.at.

Free admission.

The What to do after work? event series takes place every two weeks, on Tuesday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Two films as different as Nezaposleni ljudi [The Unemployed] (Neoplanta Film, 1968) by activist filmmaker Želimir Žilnik and WALL-E (Pixar Animation Studios, 2008) show us how notions of “work” also shape the view of unemployment and future scenarios in which people have gotten rid of work by handing it over to robots. Especially on the level of body images, both films tell the story of life without work as a crisis and dystopia, inscribed also in gender relations and the linking of being human and human dignity with work.

Together with Pauline Hosse-Hartmann we want to watch the short film and excerpts from WALL-E and relate them to each other. Both films are in a certain way also historical and in their interferences perhaps new perspectives can be traced – on the happiness and misery of work, on life plans between carelessness and a committed relation to the world, on the desire for participation and political imagination and agency revolving around the question “What to do after work?”.

Pauline Hosse-Hartmann works at the interface between art education and fine arts. She is currently studying Art and Communicative Practice (Visual Education) and Fine Arts (Site-Specific Art class) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 2021, together with Andrea Hubin, she developed and conducted an online art conversation (Space of Questions) that took Želimir Žilnik‘s film Nezaposleni ljudi [The Unemployed] as its starting point.