What to do after work? My View with Stephan Rosinger and Martin Hagmayr

Guided tour
20/12 2022 6 pm — 7 pm

What to do after work? is a public intervention in the framework of the exhibition In the meantime, midday comes around and an open invitation to participate, speculate, or simply to listen in.

Please register via vermittlung@kunsthallewien.at.
Free admission.

In their guided tour of In the meantime, midday comes around, Stephan Rosinger and Martin Hagmayr of Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr will reflect their institution’s view on the exhibition and include historical documents that deal with the topic of work and unemployment.

Based on their museum practice, they bring in the following questions: what does it mean to exhibit “work” whose essential aspects are nevertheless invisible – such as emotions connected to it or informal spaces for action, detached from stubbornness, escapism, resistance and solidarity? And what if a working society runs out of work? Or to put it more appealingly: what would we do with our time if we didn’t have to work?

Museum Arbeitswelt in Steyr preserves, displays and maintains the cultural memory of working people – from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to digitalization and beyond. In 2019, the museum was awarded the Austrian Museum Prize for its work.

Stephan Rosinger is the artistic director of Museum Arbeitswelt, Martin Hagmayr is the head of its education & science department.

My View is a program series in which experts, non-experts and interesting people are invited to present their personal view on the exhibition.