Moments of Resistance – Jo Schmeiser

6/11 2020 6 pm

In the film Widerstandsmomente (Moments of Resistance), Austrian film artist and activist Jo Schmeiser presents various portraits of women that aim to explore how resisting — in exceptional situations as well as in everyday life – becomes a political way of life. Based on interviews with politically engaged women of today and historical sound documents, biographical accounts of antifascist resistance during the 1940s and of forced labor, the film creates an encouraging panorama of voices, experiences and strategies – lived possibilities of collective and self-determined action for a society based on solidarity without discrimination or exclusion. (

Widerstandsmomente, written and directed by Jo Schmeiser, Austria 2019, 98 min

Starting at 3 pm the film will be available online for a week via this link:
The password is resistance2020

At 6 pm Andrea Hubin (Kunsthalle Wien) will talk with Jo Schmeiser live on Zoom, followed by a Q&A.
The talk will be held in German.

Registration and link to the zoom conversation here.

Jo Schmeiser works in Vienna as an artist, freelance graphic designer, and text producer (author and editor) on cultural and sociopolitical issues. Exhibitions, films, and videos with Simone Bader under the label Klub Zwei. Her work focuses on: art at the interface between film, theory, social critique, and activism; antiracist visual politics and public interventions against racism and sexism; feminist critiques of representation; repercussions of Nazism in the present; and anti-Semitism.

The film screening is part of a series of events hosted by the “Alliance Art and Education against Racism and Fascism”, a cooperation of the art education departments at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Further events include:

Against the Authoritarian Turn: Antifascism and Antiracism in Education Practices in Art and Design, 23/24 October 2020 (online) and 5/6 March 2021 (location to be announced).

Further information and registration here.