Working the Body

21/6 2017 8 pm

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With Danilo Correale, Karin Harrasser & Barbara Mahlknecht

Working the Body questions the submission to work – of the body and of subjectivity, but also discusses moments of (bodily) resistance.

Today, specific competences and knowledge are not sufficient anymore on the labour market. On top of this, workers need to prove perfect self-management, they need to be fit, beautiful, young and professional, and consider work as the path towards self-fulfillment. A range of body techniques – also based on technology – serve this purpose, marking a further step of biopolitics. How can the working body escape this normalization?

Language: English
Location: Heuer am Karlsplatz

Discursive Program

What will the world of work look like tomorrow? How can one act today in order to question the conceptions of capitalism, of de-regulation as well as geographical and gender-related separations of work? How can alternatives be addressed and shaped?

Wed 21/6, 8 pm: Working the Body

Thu 22/6, 5.30 pm: Performing Labour Power

Thu 22/6, 6 pm: Rehearsing the Future

Fri 1/9, 6 pm: Ergonomic Futures

Wed 6/9, 6 pm: Living Labour / Working Life

Thu 7/9, 6 pm: Re-Organizing Work