Writing Systems 2.0

Sunday tour
15/3 2015 4 pm

Sundays at 4 pm our art educators introduce visitors to The Future of Memory, an exhibition on how history is produced in the digital age. The issues associated with these new layers of our now partially virtual reality are to be discussed after the tour.

All guided tours are free with admission.

All tours:
February 8: Forget it! The Internet as an everlasting archive
February 15: Stage Yourself! Social media as a stage of the self
February 22: Remix, Cut & Paste: a newly formatted culture of memory
March 1: Collective Remembrance and Individual Memory
March 8: Mnemosyne in the Digital Age
March 15: Writing Systems 2.0
March 22: The Present is the Future of the Past
March 29: Virtual Memories and Subjective Memory