Ženska kuća (Sunčane naočale) [Women’s House (Sunglasses)]

Project / Projekt
10/10 2022 — 12/3 2023 
Yppenplatz / Brunnenpassage

Brunnenpassage x Kunsthalle Wien

In the course of the initiative Bunker 16 – Contemporary Memorial Art, Brunnenpassage in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Wıen presents Sanja Iveković’s poster series Ženska kuća (Sunčane naočale) [Women’s House (Sunglasses)]. The ongoing project has been dealing with violence against women since the late 1990s.

The posters are freely accessible in the public space in front of Brunnenpassage.

Brunnengasse 71 • 1160 Vienna

Each poster combines black-and-white advertisements for sunglasses with short stories and names (pseudonyms) of women who survived domestic violence—or, in the case of stories recorded in Poland, traumatic experience caused by the ban on abortion.

In Iveković‘s posters, the logos of famous fashion brands that are promoted by models posing with sunglasses are pasted over with stories of surviving misogynist violence and abuste. This way, the female models are made to embody the voices of women who courageously left their long-time abusers, sought shelter in the company of other women, and told their stories.

The names of women’s shelters and cities in which stories were recorded by the artist—Zagreb, Genoa, Peja, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Athens, Ljubljana, and Warsaw—are cited on each poster and highlighted in red.