Andro Wekua

18/2 2011 — 5/6 2011
Museumsquartier / Halle2

Attraction and rejection, perfection and obsession constitute the foundation for the Georgian artist Andro Wekua’s figures which seem oblivious to the world.

Wekua relies on ambiguous gestures and stereotyped poses to convey his “anatomy of desire.” Drawing on remembered personal images and impressions from the life spheres of fashion, the cinema, and art, he creates atmospherical settings and theatrical presentations that stimulate the viewer’s subtle perceptual sensors.

The master collagist uses almost every known medium: the interplay between space, sculpture, film, and two-dimensional works results in an artistic impact whose expressive sublime pathos is balanced out by elements of poetic selfirony.

Andro Wekua, born in 1977, studied in Georgia and Switzerland.
Lives and works in Zurich and Berlin since 2007.

Curator: Angela Stief

Guided tours: every Sunday 3 pm