assume vivid astro focus

The artists are on location in the exhibition hall up to the opening (June 6). Interested parties of the OPEN CALL are welcomed to meet them there and to introduce artistic ideas.

“Our strategy is pleasure ? we want to give people visiting the museum a taste of their own pleasure.” assume vivid astro focus

assume vivid astro focus ? behind this name, as if invented for a pop band or an intergalactic spaceship, an artists? collective is concealed with a varying cast that transforms motifs from pop culture and art history into rich, colorful, voluptuous, artworks appealing to all senses.

After Tokyo, São Paulo, New York and Paris, assume vivid astro focus, for the first time performing in Austria, will now permute the Kunsthalle Wien project space under the motto OPEN CALL: artists, musicians, students, performers, graffiti artists and other activists are invited to join them in designing the space and performing in it.

Curators: Gerald Matt, Angela Stief