Clifton Childree

9/2 2011 — 20/3 2011

Clifton Childree is an analogous artist in a digital world who will always prefer a hand crank and the juddering and flickering of an old black-and-white slapstick movie to today?s high-definition resolution. Fascinated with the tawdry glitter and honky-tonk of cheap illusory worlds, he draws his inspiration from circuses, vaudevilles, side shows, and midnight movie theaters. While reproducing the silent movie, Clifton Childree?s aesthetics provides the basis for a handicraft art that transforms rotting wood, decaying furniture, and decomposing textiles into magic locations. Each of his multimedia installations is a fantastic gesamtkunstwerk that turns into a humorous theater of the grotesque and unlimited eccentricity.

Clifton Childree, was born in Birmingham/Alabama in 1971. He lives and works in Miami.

Curator: Synne Genzmer

In occasion of the exhibition a catalogue with a text by Synne Genzmer and an interview with the artist conducted by Gerald Matt will be published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.