Foreign Objects: He Yunchang, Liu Ding, Wang Wei

16/5 2007 — 15/6 2007

The exhibition ‘Foreign Objects’ explores the presence of things unknown, unfamiliar, unsuitable, or undesired ? the intrusion of something strange into a system. This presence may threaten or disrupt the balance of such an organized and functional unit, alter the course of development in a social, economic or political organizational form of this kind, or even endanger or damage its harmonious, orderly interaction.
‘Foreign Objects’ tries to look at how the concrete and metaphorical existence of ?foreign objects? in China interacts with the changes resulting from them. Each of the three participating artists ? He Yunchang, Liu Ding, Wang Wei ? has created a scene or condition for the Kunsthalle Wien project space that is out of context and provides a specific irritation.

Curator: Carol Lu
Curator Kunsthalle Wien: Angela Stief