Francesco Vezzoli

7/11 2009 — 6/12 2009

The Italian conceptual artist Francesco Vezzoli?s film Marlene Redux: A True
Hollywood Story! (2006) is both a tribute to the Golden Twenties? diva and an
autobiography. But what has the contemporary artist got to do with Hollywood?
What is true about the stories he tells after all? Francesco Vezzoli causes confusion.
He is interested in remakes, copies, and fakes and, with his video, poster
and embroidery works, satirizes the cult of the superstars and the hype about
the rich, the beautiful, and the powerful of this world. Marlene Redux begins with
a quote by the Dadaist Tristan Tzara: ?Since the people have always needed
divinities to protect the three essential laws, which are those of God: eating,
making love, and shitting, since the kings are on their travels and the laws are
too hard, the only thing that counts at the moment is gossip.?

Francesco Vezzoli, born in Brescia, Italy, in 1971; lives and works in Milan.

Curator: Synne Genzmer