Get Together

8/10 1999 — 9/1 2000

Exhibition and catalogue both illustrate and discuss artistic teamwork that has taken place during the ’90s – an exciting and trend-setting form of contemporary artistic development.

Multiple authorship and art collectives can look back on a long history. This ranges from the hierarchical artists’ studios

of the Renaissance and Baroque periods; to the mixed society on Monte Veritá in Ascona; as well as to the corporate identity promulgated by Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York; together with the rebellious communes and flat-sharing spawned by the student movement.

Today “art as team work” is generally practiced as a temporary and experimental collaboration of equals and eschews any particular artistic direction or general program.

“Get Together” represents a specific approach that tests new structures of aesthetic interaction. Borders between individual artistic personalities dissolve: transparency and an open structure in the works themselves become central elements of teamwork in art that encourage an intensive process of exchange beyond individual limitations. Art as teamwork is activity as a manifesto.