Günther Selichar screens, cold

6/7 2001 — 29/7 2001

The exhibition presents Günther Selichar?s internationally much-noted piece ?screens, cold? for the first time in Austria. The series, begun in 1997, consists of large-format photographs of blank TV screens. Formally, the pictures ? each monochrome, though clearly distinct in color from the others ? refer to the media representation of the ?screen? as an everyday device; aesthetically, they also relate to the links between photography and painting as minimalist forms of expression. ?I like the idea of creating a paradox between mass-media reflection and original aspect ? The point is that the vis-à-vis of image and viewer still is an important relationship.? (Günther Selichar)

Günther Selichar, born 1960 in Linz, Upper Austria, lives in Vienna. He studied art history und classical archeology in Salzburg and Chicago. Numerous single exhibitions, a.o., Museum moderner Kunst, Vienna, 1984, Museum Rupertinum, Salzburg, 1984, Ricky Renier Gallery, Chicago, 1990; Espai Lucas, Valencia, Spain, 2001; contributions to international photography exhibitions.

Curator: Lucas Gehrmann

project space
As rapid deployment force the “project space”, at the moment, utilizes a variety of different locations, from subway stations to shop windows, for topical art presentations ranging from installations to performances. After the presentation of Günther Selichar ? screens, cold the “project space” will continue to serve as an art and communication relay, living up Karlsplatz with young people and young ideas. The yellow container on Karlsplatz will be rebuilt and scaled down into the permanent home of the “project space”; in a playful variation of the original concept, the building will be enveloped in a glass skin by architect Krischanitz. The Kunsthalle “project space” will be opened in January 2002 with a project by the Korean artist Kim Soo Ja that reaches out into the surrounding urban environment.