12/7 2003 — 10/8 2003

hourly, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

It is neither theatre, nor dance or television. Yet there is a stage and there is choreography, and it is transmitted via monitor. Fact is: ?héatre-élévision? is another masterpiece by Boris Charmatz. Extremely controversial, as most of his works have been so far, very thoroughly structured and totally uncompromising in its realisation. A video and an installation designed for one single spectator at one performance. He or she will be comfortably lying on a black platform, will be allowed to relax and to wait for the animated space with its ?TV-set? to take effect. Staging the medium within the medium: The monitor, illuminated by theatre spots, simulates a box, Charmatz? work follows the principle of a Russian Matrjoschka doll: it creates spaces gradually diminishing in size. ?As far as dance is concerned, television is an obvious nightmare?, says the choreographer. ?Putting the body into small rectangles does not really work. What is more, one loses the sense for space.? In ?héatre-élévision? Boris Charmatz provides a novel view of camera captured live performances.