KanakAttack. The Turk’s third siege?

7/3 2005 — 28/3 2005

?I don?t go for the niche,? says the German-Turk Feridun Zaimoglu, ?I go for the offensive counter-attack?. Using art, Zaimoglu wraps facades, not in a purist form in the manner of Bulgarian artist Christo, but with hundreds of Turkish flags in varying sizes.
Feridun Zaimoglu is principally known as a writer. In his books Kanak Sprak, Abschaum and Koppstoff he depicts those who play in the ?League of the Damned?, defending themselves against both the ?remnants of their homeland? and a multiculturalism tinged with folklore and pressure towards integration that obliges them to submit to German conventions. As this Germany is their only home, they are unable to simply wipe the traces of their origins ?off their faces?.

Curator: Gerald Matt