Kunsthalle Wien Award 2011

16/12 2011 — 8/1 2012

Kunsthalle Wien Award 2011

Organized in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and sponsored by DORDA BRUGGER JORDIS Rechtsanwälte

The Kunsthalle Wien Award is annually awarded to a graduate from the Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. This year?s award goes to Corina Vetsch (born in 1973) for her series of pictures Zur Eutopie im Blasendiagramm (On the Eutopia in Bubble Diagrams). The jury also recommended exhibiting Sophie Hirsch?s (born in 1986) sculptural installation Untitled. The two artists? works show certain parallels in regard to their contents while complementing one another formally within the exhibition context.

During her studies, Corina Vetsch thoroughly dedicated herself to questions concerning her future as an artist in a society with a strong economic orientation and, generally, to issues of work, economy, utopia, and futurology. Her series consisting of several large-format collage paintings deals with possibilities, ideas, and visions of creating conditions for a worthwhile existence in the private, urban, social, and public spheres. Corina Vetsch works with various ways of visualizing data (diagrams, mind maps, charts, data trees, etc.) which she combines with clippings of pictures and texts from print medias with her own painting. This results in impressive enigmatic pictorial and text worlds which simultanousely speak the languages of science, advertising, philosophy, fantasy, comics, and pop culture. The self of the artist joins these visualized reflections with wishes and visions: her personal view constitutes an integral part of all observations. ?My works unfold pictorial spaces: projection spaces, reflection spaces, emotional spaces, and reading experience spaces,? says Corina Vetsch ? spaces in which it should be possible to imagine things which have not yet happened.

Sophie Hirsch?s sculptural installation consists of used transparent packing foil which the artist initially twisted into strings and ropes, and then wove into a structure. This method underlines the time-consuming and extensive process of art production ? opposed to the vast speed of mass production in the age of digital technology ? while addressing the issues of waste products and recycling. The work emphasizes how formally aesthetic and sociopolitical ecological issues can be interlinked in the artistic process.

Curator Kunsthalle Wien: Lucas Gehrmann

A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition by the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien and the Kunsthalle Wien. 56 pages with with texts by Gerald Bast, Gerald A. Matt, Lucas Gehrmann, Ursula Maria Probst and Corina Vetsch.
Wien?Hohenems: Bucher Verlag 2011. ISBN 978-3-99018-098-3